没有什么比夏天好记分了’老式的后院烧烤,除非您’re the cook without an Olathe 户外 kitchen.

您没有乐趣,而是’重新陷入烹饪并向客人分发食物的过程中。你不’不能加入笑声或留下回忆。你只是奴役里面的食物而others enjoy outside.

它不会’t Have to Be

Cooks can enjoy backyard BBQs again by updating or adding an Olathe 户外 kitchen without it being too difficult. Here are a few great ideas to spruce up or create the ideal 户外 cooking place.

  • 涵盖基础

作为园丁,我们’ve seen it all. One of the things we find funny is homeowners who install a lavish, yet incomplete 户外 kitchen. Focus on the basics of Olathe 户外 kitchen design before getting to lavish.


  • 混合入

It’找到一个没有’不能与家庭和周围的户外空间融为一体。我们经常看到一个室外厨房,看起来像是房屋的延伸部分,但实际上并没有’t integrate the “outdoor”空间的任何方面。


  • 优质地板

Creating an alluring 户外 space has one unique advantage over updating indoors. Other than the ability to enjoy the great 户外s, you don’t have to worry much about walls, doors, windows, ceilings and more when focusing on an Olathe 户外 kitchen.

您只需要担心地板。唐’t be afraid to invest in patio material for your 户外 kitchen. Your flooring choice will ultimately go a long way in determining the style and cost of your new kitchen outside.


如果你’re looking to update your Olathe 户外 kitchen and need a helping hand, we’d love to work with you. At 休斯顿承包, we take pride in designing the ideal 户外 spaces for your every need. Get in touch today!